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MOVE FORWARD is a unique, flexible personal-management program suited explicitly for active minds. A three-month membership includes weekly classes on zoom and group mentoring to support your individual journey. Traditional personal management programs are not ideal for all women. Our program offers an alternative so you can move forward and live the life you crave.

MOVE FORWARD has worked for hundreds of women just like you.

How is this experience different? This course is designed specifically for women who want to find their own voice, make their own decisions, and gain confidence. We explore ways to stop overthinking, face fears, and gain both individual and relational confidence. As women, we need to get clear about who we are and what we want in order to reach goals in friendship, career, and life.

However, if you have an active mind, this can be a challenge!

If your mind is occupied or deliciously rebellious, personal management sounds boring. No worries! A small % of the skills are time management. Just enough to kick up joy and increase more freedom in your week!

You can plan ahead for as many days as you wish. Different timelines and tools get different results. Neither good nor bad. You choose and personalize solutions that work for you.

Phase 1 > Clarity  


MOVE FORWARD is a 3-month membership - including impactful weekly zoom classes with group coaching.

  • Phase One includes our unique, proprietary SPACEOUT assessment tool that will assess the value (to you) of how you're spending your time and your priorities! Getting clarity builds energy and focus. 


Phase 2 > Strategies


  • 6 essential strategies for active minds.
  • Our simple 7-Day Plan - tested and practiced in our clinic.
  • Learn how to create weeky schedules that create major traction in your life! 
  • The 5-minute decision tool. Want to get off the fence and make a decision? Use this tool for minor or significant decisions. 


Phase 3 > Execute



  • Cognitive, emotional, behavioral strategies to overcome people-pleasing, fear, and other common barriers - so you can execute your plan.
  • 3 gold-standard executive function strategies to simplify and execute.
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"I tried so many approaches to deal with my anxiety, I never thought of this. Honestly, it makes so much sense now. Making decisions, finding my priorities, and taking action. It's so clear to me now" - age 46



Common Questions:

Q: Why is personal management so easy for some and not others?

A: Well, one reason is active minds typically experience time and space differently. This often leads to cyclical patterns of urgency and procrastination. Understanding how active minds thrive is essential to finding workable solutions. 

Also, people tend to build "fake schedules" and then beat themselves up for not following something that wasn't going to work anyway. Then, they get stuck in the pattern and often say, "I tried planning and it didn't work for me," but they don't realize - they really haven't tried it yet - and that it works for everyone. Because it's simply thoughtfulness about time and decisions.



Q: Why is the group closed to women?

A: Women's health is significantly impacted by hormones and the life phase.

Hormones have a huge impact on neurotransmitters in the brain, and those shifts and cycles can deeply impact a woman's ability to stay on course, or manage self-direction.

Some women report feeling like they want completely different things at certain points in their cycle.

We discuss the impact of hormone health and scheduling a lot in the group. So, for that reason, 1:1 coaching is best for men. 

Q: Why does time feel different for me?

A: I get it. We'll discuss this a lot in class and I have solutions for you. 

Mainly, active minds tend to experience time on a vertical timeline. As if everything is supposed to happen NOW! This sense of urgency makes it challenging to make decisions.

A vertical NOW timeline feels pressing and urgent. 

This fake urgency not only steals your time but also messes with your head. Rubbish! Let's clear it out so you can see the path forward more clearly. 

You'll learn how to create a 7-day plan, change plans with ease, and self-direct without beating yourself up!  



Frequently Asked Questions:

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