My Story.

Few things about me...

First, I'm the founder of an executive function and anxiety clinic in the midwest. I used to think that was small-time. But when I traveled to different regions and trained with leading experts in anxiety conditions - our clinic was often ahead of trends and bravely innovative in strategies to help people. I'm confident that I can help you. 

Second, I've dedicated my career to helping the nervous and afraid. I usually work with adults between the ages of 21 - 65, who are working hard (really hard) to make gains, support relationships, and build a good life. 

When I'm wearing the clinical hat at my medical clinic, Conscious Living (CLC), I help people overcome executive function challenges related to anxiety conditions like ADHD, OCD, social anxiety, chronic worry, panic, perfectionism, and sticky thoughts patterns. 


Let's be real. Struggling to self-direct is painful, and increases unwanted feelings of frustration and overload. You deserve to feel better. 

I launched MOVE FORWARD coaching to work collaboratively with the men and women I help.

I want to walk with you, and show you how much easier it can be when you have the right tools! Challenges are real. But let's explore the world where results are just as real, goals lead to new ways of living, and strategies simplify how you move through the world!

I'm committed to your results. And I have the experience to help you move forward.


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Hope you enjoy the quiz! ~ Kama