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Helping women retain thinking to make forward-thinking productive and healthy!

Hi there! I help women retrain their minds to make forward-thinking positive and healthy!
Is your active mind impacting your ability to stay on course and build a good life?  Or are you stuck in anxious thoughts about the future? Are your thoughts creating a lot stress?
Welcome, I'm Kama, I'm an executive function and anxiety specialist. I help adults with active minds stay on course and reach their professional and personal goals. What's executive function (EF)? EF are the mental skills that help you plan, strategize and stay on course. Think of them as the track bumpers on a speedway.
Let's put proven strategies to work for you - so you can get the results you want in your professional or personal life. Ready to learn more?

 The proven coaching formula:


Get clarity about your desired outcome. This points us in the right direction. 


Apply executive function skills so you can turn a dream into a well-formulated plan that doesn't overwhelm you.


This is where it happens! You get results and strengthen your self-trust. I'll walk you through the process.

Ready to go from a mind running in a million directions to a mind in flow with clarity? Let's connect!


You want results. I know you're working hard to get the results you have now. but are you scaling on chaos and pushing yourself to exhaustion? Yes, you want BETTER RESULTS. But there is another way. 

Strengthening your executive function habits can help you clear out the mental clutter and focus on what matters most.

I have over 20 years of experience working with men and women with active minds. An active mind can get lost in thought, overthinking, or indecisiveness. You won't have to explain your mind to me. I got you. Your vulnerability is a strength here. I want to show you how an organized mind is possible, and an organized mind will build an organized, direction life. 

MOVE FORWARD is a unique, flexible coaching program suited explicitly for how your mind works. Traditional personal management programs are not ideal for all people. Our program offers an alternative so you can move forward and live the life you crave.


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Hope you enjoy the quiz! ~ Kama